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Houston, we have a problem (Shakesville)


On Texas’ new sonogram bill, signed by Governor Rick Perry earlier this week:

According to the law, women will not only be forced into the ultrasound process but most will have to wait 24 hours AFTER having one to be able to go ahead with her abortion. There is a caveat for women who live more than 100 miles away—they “only” have to wait two hours.

I can’t really pick out what is more disgusting and inappropriate (apart from the bill itself, that is): Perry signing a law AGAIN to show off for and appease the bloodlust party crowd of anti-abortion activists or Rep. Patrick’s patronizing theocratic spewing. It’s all appalling, intrusive, controlling bullshit dressed up in theocratic religious fervor shrieking about “saving babies”—and it’s SOP for many state legislators these days.

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    I keep wondering whatever happened to the separation of church and state. Ugh, fuck off, fuck off out of women’s bodies,...
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    this is why i FUCKING HATE RICK PERRY. and how fucking conservative texas is. i can’t wait to be out of here.
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